Y you should support you local Y

It’s YMCA fundraising time here in the Midsouth, so I thought I should pass along what the YMCA has meant to me.

We have plenty of different health clubs and gyms in the Memphis area.  For a long time, I put off joining one.  The health club I grew up at in Louisiana is exceptionally nice.  It has multiple pools, lots of tennis courts, a massive child care center and playground, a Starbucks and cafe, a spa, indoor basketball courts…pretty much everything.  The area where I grew up is very suburban and family friendly, so that’s why the health club there is so over the top nice. 

I couldn’t find anything in the Memphis area that rivaled the amenities of our club back in Louisiana, so I just couldn’t justify the cost.

When I hurt my knee in the winter of 2012 though, I knew I needed some place where I could cross train.  My friend Ruchee volunteers at our YMCA downtown and serves on the board and she had been pestering me to join for quite some time.  I finally caved and signed up as a member.

Our Y doesn’t have a Starbucks.  It doesn’t have a spa or shiny granite counter tops.  It has so much more than any of that.  I am so grateful to be part of the community there and to be part of something that changes people’s lives. 

The Y’s outreach programs for children are certainly a vital part of its mission, but it enriches the lives of adults and seniors as well.  The fellowship I have found in my morning spin classes is a constant source of encouragement and inspiration.  I consider each and every member of our class a role model.

So, if you live near a Y, go check it out.  Join a class, sign up for some lessons, ask how you can get involved.  I promise you won’t regret it.  ;)

Thank you again to Ruchee for forcing persuading me to join our Y.  You can read about what the YMCA has meant to her on her blog:  http://missattymaam.com/2014/04/12/help-me-support-fogelmanymca-2014-annual-campaign-give/

If you want to support the Midsouth YMCA, you can donate here: http://www.ymcamemphis.org/support-the-y/make-a-gift/


MFM Training Week 1

Lately I’ve been struggling to get myself motivated to go to the gym and get my runs in.  Part of the problem is a general time crunch and the struggle of being slower than I used to be.  I think the main reason for my lack of motivation though is that I’m not on a training plan.  Once I commit to a plan, I usually do a much better job of getting my workouts in.

My triathlon and NYCM seem so far away, but fortunately I’m signed up for the Memphis Farmers Market 5K in June, so I’ve developed a lovely nine week 5K training plan.  I’ve never specifically trained for a 5K before and a lot of these workouts are really more focused on building endurance for marathon training rather than specifically focusing on speed, but it’s better than nothing.

Monday:  3 miles (done- albeit super slowly)

Tuesday:  Spin (done and squeezed in a few minutes on the treadmill)

Wednesday:  4 miles + swim - You may have noticed I haven’t been to the pool in awhile, but that’s not entirely my fault.  It’s been closed for repairs for several weeks.

Thursday:  Spin

Friday: Rest

Saturday:  7 miles