Here kitty, kitty, kitty…

So last night was our first official Women Run/Walk Memphis group training run.  Technically training started last week, but it got rained out, plus I was out of town, so this was our first evening running as group together.

We meet out at Shelby Farms and had a 3.5 mile run scheduled for the evening.  I paired up with one of the other women and we set out through the park.  I was enjoying the run and chatting with the other women when I spotted something down the path.  It was white and fuzzy.

Someone had abandoned a litter of four kittens in the bushes near a swampy area of the park.  The kittens did not run away from us, but you could tell they had definitely had a rough time.

We regrouped and headed back down the path since there was no need to interrupt the whole group’s training.

After we finished the run though, I trekked back to the swampy area to check on the kittens.  I knew I just wouldn’t feel right leaving them all alone.  Eric and I have talked about getting an outside cat to protect the yard from various rodents and I had just called him when a park ranger pulled up.

The ranger agreed that the cats were domestic (not feral) and told me I was free to take as many as I wanted.  I’m not completely crazy though, and there was no way I could justify taking four cats home.  In the end, I picked the bravest one (she walked right up to me) and the ranger said he would take the others to the human society, which conveniently is actually located in Shelby Farms.  The ranger assured me that since the kittens were so young (and let’s face it- pretty cute), there is actually a chance that some of them will find homes.


Please help us!  We are hungry and thirsty and covered in mosquitoes!

Once I got the little kitty home, she received multiple flea baths before getting some tuna to snack on while we went to the store to get her more suitable kitty food and accessories.  I’m not sure who smelled worse- the abandoned cat or my sweaty runner self.  She seems to have recovered from the whole traumatic ordeal and was happily sleeping in her carrier this morning.  She goes to vet today where we will get the final word on whether or not she is healthy enough to keep.

You never know what you will find on a run!

Disclaimer:  I do not consider myself a cat person at ALL, but something about these little guys made me feel obligated to do something.  I promise this won’t turn into a crazy cat lady blog, but for the time being, here is a bunch of kitty photo spam.


Exploring new yard - super spunky


Why do you humiliate me with these baths?


First breakfast.  Looking fluffy and clean and happy!


Hello there!

No I haven’t died or abandoned my blog, I’ve just been in California for a couple days on vacation and made the executive decision to unplug and recharge for a few days (literally and figuratively), so I didn’t bring a laptop with me.

Santa Barbara proved to be a great vacation spot, but after lots of flight delays on the way home, I’m glad to finally be back in Memphis.

We kept ourselves pretty busy while in Santa Barbara, but I managed to squeeze in a few miles here and there. 

We rented a guest house from Airbnb that was across the street from a little private beach, which made for perfect running and exploring.  After we settled in on Thursday, we ducked out for a quick run to check out the beach and our new surroundings.  The weather was perfect (cool enough that I could wear my Lulu leggings!) and was a welcome change from the Memphis heat and humidity.  My knees were a little sore from being on planes all day though, so I just settled for a quick easy three miles. (Side note:  I have also started seeing a chiropractor for some back issues and am hoping that will go a long way in improving my form, etc.  More on that later).


Ran until we ran out of stairs!

On Friday we walked down Hendry’s Beach and bummed around downtown Santa Barbara before spending the better part of the afternoon hanging around the beach and making friends with all of the locals’ dogs.


Carb loading for wine tasting

After eating a massive breakfast at Esau’s Cafe Saturday morning, I went out for an easy 10K along the beach and harbor.  The French toast I had for breakfast was heavy in my stomach, so I just took it easy.  There were plenty of sights to take in, including a gay pride festival, an Indian wedding, the harbor, a swim meet, and a skate park. 


Roblar Winery

After breakfast and running, we drove out to Santa Ynez to visit a couple vineyards and wineries.  It was during our drive out there that I solidified my identity as a Memphian.  The narrow, winding mountain roads were a little too adventurous in our tiny rental car.  Eric successfully got us to Santa Ynez where we stopped by Roblar Winery and grabbed lunch.  The best part of our excursion though was an unplanned stop at Fontes and Phillips Winery.  Fontes and Philips is a small, family-owned winery and the proprietor and family dog (a weimaraner!) were so welcoming to us.  There was a wedding taking place across the street, so we were more than content to hang out watch and play with the dog.  In our wine haze, we lost track of time and barely made it back to Santa Barbara in time for the Ringo Starr concert.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the concert was pretty great.  The band is made up of members from Toto and Santana, so there were lots of great covers.  The perfect weather and view from the Santa Barbara Bowl didn’t hurt either.


Ringo Starr at the Santa Barbara Bowl

Sunday afternoon I was determined to hike Cold Springs Trail in Montecito.  The full trail is about 8 miles long, so I thought it would make a good long hike/trail run.  Well…the day was warmer than expected and we got a late start.  I also forgot to factor in California’s drought, so there wasn’t much of a spring to hike.  We kept it short and just did three miles to the outlook that has a view of Santa Barbara and the ocean.


The view from Cold Springs Hot Dry Trail

On our final evening of vacation we did a sunset catamaran ride from the harbor and back.  This was definitely one of my favorite parts of the trip.  There was plenty of California wine and we got to spot a couple of sea lions hanging out.


It was hard to leave runner’s paradise behind, but now it’s back to Memphis, back to regular marathon training, and back to packing. (My movers come on Saturday- eek!)

I’m looking forward to catching up on some blog reading and hope everyone had great weekends full of good runs and PRs!