Run On: An Adventure In Running

Tuesday Track Day

After a hiatus for several weeks thanks to Tuesday chiropractor appointments, I finally returned to the track tonight.

We had three sets of four quarters which is really just a roundabout way of saying three miles at a 400 pace.  I completed nine of the twelve quarters (three of each set).  A couple laps (one that I forgot to start my Garmin for) went surprisingly well given the heat and my recent absence from track workouts.  If I can put that kind of effort into Sunday’s 5K, I just might be in good shape.

The plan is for some easy miles on tomorrow, easy miles and spin on Thursday, a practice run of the 5K course on Friday, a rest day on Saturday, and then much racing and beer drinking on Sunday. 

I know, I know…what about my long run???  Well, we’ll see.  Maybe I’ll squeeze in an extra couple miles on Thursday.  In theory I could join the training group for a long run on Saturday, but I am not a fan of doing a long run the day before a race.  Although I also plan on racing next Sunday, so I am just going to have to figure this stuff out.

PSA:  Racing is not always conducive training.



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